About Venus in Transit

Yes, your old life is coming to a close, but a new life created with purpose and intention is waiting for you.

While there is certainly a sense of loss when going through divorce, there is also the opportunity to come away with the ultimate relationship–a loving relationship with yourself.

You might be wondering, what happened to my happy ending, but it’s there for you, I swear it.

When my sixteen year marriage came to a close, I never thought I’d be living the life I’m living now. The process was arduous, and for some time I felt lost and adrift, but today I can honestly say, I came out of my divorce stronger and better than I ever thought I could be.

I didn’t have help; I didn’t have someone to guide me through the details of divorce, and that firsthand knowledge of what it’s like to wade through the mire alone cemented in me the desire that women like you wouldn’t have to struggle solo.

Venus in Transit emerged from a deep passion to help you surface more empowered than before so you can be in the space to love again.

About Susan

Born and raised in Queens, NY, I’ve always had a fascination with people and personal development, but first it was people.

The oldest of 4, it came naturally to me to assume responsibility, and like it or not (sometimes not), I became my mother’s helper. At the tender age of 12, she put me in charge of my 3 siblings – who I lovingly refer to as “Them”.

Not long after, I branched out from solely helping my mom to starting a ‘mother’s helper’ business in my neighborhood. It was a nice business, but I gathered the greatest satisfaction from helping and supporting the mothers. I realized I was resilient and calm yet strong enough to take control of a situation – screaming children did not deter me from offering a smile, a hug, and lots of love.

My family left Queens when I was 19, but I chose to stay. I quit college in my 3rd year, rented an apartment with a girlfriend, and landed my first job in the accounting department in a downtown Manhattan company.

See, I was the first woman in my very robust Italian family to move out on her own without being married. We’re talking the seventies honey, and I was considered the rebel of the family. My younger cousins likened me to Marlo Thomas in “That Girl”, the independent career girl on her own. I loved it!

Making it through as a young woman with no net, no mentor, and no one there to catch me when I fell certainly had its challenges, but I just got up and kept going.

Eventually I worked my way up from accounting clerk to CFO of one firm, and then transitioned to be the Controller of a 200 employee firm ranked as the #1 design firm in New York.

As a self-made woman, I traveled, did what I wanted, had fun, and was very independent, but in my 30’s  I felt it was time to get MARRIED.

With so many of my friends married and divorced early, I thought I’d do it in reverse to make sure I’d get it right. I’d marry AFTER living a little and then have My Happily Ever After.

Ta-da! Right? Wrong!

I did meet the man of my dreams, and I did marry him, but the dream ended after 16 years.

It was a crushing blow. My marriage was the most important thing to me, yet it was over, and I had no plan. I had no net.

Even though I’d always been able to handle anything that came my way, this experience was so outside of my realm of understanding that I felt completely lost and utterly depleted.

But life keeps going whether you’re on the ride or not, and I knew I had to continue on.

Learning to navigate on my own again was the most challenging thing I’ve ever done.

Not sure what to do, I went to a therapist. But after four months, I saw I could sit in that chair forever and it would continue being the same.

I was looking for direction and support and guidance, and wasn’t finding it in the therapist’s office. I wanted a definitive course of action that would give me strength.

A friend referred to this life coach named David Dowd. He was unlike any human being I’ve ever met; he helped me find the ground again. He empowered me to speak my truth.

Seeing the power of working with a life coach through such an unnavigable experience, I pursued my own spiritual, personal, and coaching development. Rather than be broken, I emerged completely whole.

Out of my own pain I began to attract women in all stages of divorce asking for help and advice on how to make their life work again. How to heal their broken heart. How to financially support them and their children.

After 25 years in finance and accounting, I realized I was now looking into the face of my life’s calling.

My journey guided me to a place I never would have imagined.

And I was grateful.

You don’t have to go it alone. You can have a guide, you can have a net, you can have a mentor. I have dedicated myself to helping women not only survive, but thrive through this transition and emerge with a new life that is filled with joy and purpose.

Divorce is no great party, but it doesn’t have to be doom and destruction either. It is my greatest pleasure to be your guide through the process. I can help you, and I won’t let you fall.

If you’re in any stage of divorce, before, during, or after, and would like to learn more about how you can benefit from working together, I invite you to schedule a complimentary discovery session.

Professional Bio:

Susan is not only a Divorce Coach, Certified Divorce Mediator and Certified Transformational Healer but also has an extensive background of 25 years in finance and accounting. Susan brings all her experience of being divorced herself, knowing what a woman needs emotionally and having the financial expertise to guide you through your transition to a new life where you are at peace and have the financial resources to live the life of your dreams.

She has studied and trained with international coach David Dowd, a founding member of Coach U. and lives in Westchester, New York with her cat Jackie Jack.