How to Balance Your CEO Mindset for Your Business and Your Life...

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What you will learn...
Secret #1
How to get clear
on what you want
Secret #2
Confidence to know who you are
Secret #3
Know the right actions to take to get the results you want

"All I wanted was to expand my business and this meant getting out of my apartment because that's where my business was located. I had no life! I had 5 desks in my living room! That was my priority and that's what Susan did - she helped me scale my business. Within months I moved into a new office space in midtown Manhattan, had a new accounting system, hired a bookkeeper, and 2 project managers.

All this with covid going on! Susan connected me with whoever and whatever I needed to get to the next step in my business!"

- Matthew M, Architect, New York, NY


"Before working with Susan, I was so beaten up with one failure after another in my business. Nothing I did on my own ever seemed to work. I hired Susan as my business manager and CFO and under her wing I regained my confidence and found my footing. My vision was clear and I was back on top. We went from being in the red to being in the black. Unbelievable!"

- Shirley O, Fashion Designer, New York & Los Angeles

Are You Ready To Balance Your CEO Mindset For Your Business and Your Life?

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About Susan DeRobertis


She is an Accountant and Business Coach in Westchester, New York and has held the title of Controller and CFO in her former corporate life before creating her own company, SDR Consulting in 1999.

Susan knows how to bring it with more than 28 years of financial experience, from start up to established businesses, including exit strategy.

Make the Money! Keep the Money! Save the
Money! And let it Flow!

Susan is 100% committed to your having the success you envision so that you have a clear path to your financial freedom and security.


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