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"If you don't know your numbers, you can't create financial security. You have to know where you are first to begin creating your legacy."

Profit Acceleration Mastery

Profit Acceleration Mastery - Your Roadmap To Success. Work with me and have increased earnings and revenue, make more money and keep more of your money. Your profits are your profits.

Susan De Robertis brings over 25 years of experience in finance and accounting, providing services as a CFO for Hire, Business Coach and Public Speaker.

Business & Money Coach

As your Business & Money Coach Susan will guide you in increasing your revenue and improving your bottom line, as well as support you in uncovering opportunities for growth and expansion.

CFO for Hire

As your CFO for Hire, Susan will work with you and your team to ensure that all financial matters are meticulously handled and that profit, efficiencies and key indicators for future growth are measured and maximized.

Speaking & Training

Susan's naturally warm personality, coupled with her engaging presentations will have your audience or team operating with a higher level of attention to maximizing profits. Knowledge is power and profits increase when that knowledge is put into action.

A few of our happy clients...

"When we first met 3 years ago I was 500K in the red and just wanted to be in the black, it didn't matter what the number was, but after saying yes to work with you, within 8 months I was 800K in the black! At the end of the year we reached 1.2 mil! And even after the pandemic, we're solid!
This year we are up for doubling our income and we are on track with the plan that Susan has created! We have so much to look forward to now! Thank you so much Susan for being the CO-CEO in my business!"

- Janine G, 
Hudson Valley, NY

"All I wanted was to expand my business and this meant getting out of my apartment because that's where my business was located. I had no life! I had 5 desks in my living room! That was my priority and that's what Susan did - she helped me scale my business. Within months I moved into a new office space in midtown Manhattan, had a new accounting system, hired a bookkeeper, and 2 project managers.
All this with covid going on! Susan connected me with whoever and whatever I needed to get to the next step in my business!"

- Matthew M, 
New York, NY

"Before working with Susan, I was so beaten up with one failure after another in my business. Nothing I did on my own ever seemed to work. I hired Susan as my business manager and CFO and under her wing I regained my confidence and found my footing. My vision was clear and I was back on top. We went from being in the red to being in the black. Unbelievable!"

- Shirley O, 
Fashion Designer,
New York &
Los Angeles

“I hate to say it, but we were a mess. Our operations, our invoicing, our sales, nothing was making sense. And we had no Cash Flow!  Susan helped us clean up our financials and create a clear path in operations from the first contact with a customer to the last – getting paid!! Everything was working! And since I was looking to sell my company and retire, this was critical. I could do it sooner rather than later and start living!"

- Mike M, 
CEO and Owner,
Biber Contract,
New York, NY

"After working with Susan this year, she showed us how to save $204,000 in gross taxable income! Wow, what a year! Made a huge difference. Thank you, Susan."

- Michael T, 
New York, NY

"Before working with Susan, I was working 6 days a week and barely breaking even, feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. AFTER working with Susan in just 2 months my income was up 25% and I was working only 4 days. This has given me time to enjoy my life and go on vacation for the first time in 4 years!"

- Beverly D, Psychotherapist, New York, NY

"After several years with on-going medical issues, my business, as well as my state of mind, was suffering. After my health turned around, as I was struggling to regain my previous confidence, I started to work with Susan.Susan De Robertis helped me focus my attention where it was needed most – on rebuilding my business from the ground up by networking and creating the relationships that would develop into referral sources of potential clients.With Susan’s help, I regained my confidence and expanded into commercial work while keeping up my residential practice. Susan also became my CFO and took care of all things financial for 3 years. I was back in the game!"

- Christina W, 
Architect, New York, NY

"Susan is the real deal. I’m speaking from my own personal experience,throughout this pandemic, having to work from home with kids plus wife teaching virtually from home.Susan has been the best investment I made in myself for 2019/2020. She has helped my time management, kept my head in production mode no matter what happened, Trained me to look at life from a THINK BIG! Perspective.  I consider her to be a part of my personal management team. She's my personal manager whom I run business & personal experiences through in turn helping me hit and reach my goals – my bottom line keeps growing! "

- Mario A, 
Financial Planner, Baltimore, MD

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She is an Accountant and Business Coach in Westchester, New York and has held the title of Controller and CFO in her former corporate life before creating her own company, SDR Consulting in 1999.

Susan knows how to bring it with more than 30 years of financial experience, from start up to established businesses, including exit strategy.

Make the Money! Keep the Money! Save the
Money! And let it Flow!

Susan is 100% committed to your having the success you envision so that you have a clear path to your financial freedom and security.

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Susan De Robertis
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Susan De Robertis, CEO and owner of SDR Consulting, provides support and brings her expertise in 
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