Here we go … How to Eliminate Limiting Beliefs in 9 Easy Steps

Cash Flow Expert & Coach, CFO for Hire, Speaker, Best-Selling Author

“If you don’t know your numbers, you can’t create financial security. You have to know where you are first to begin creating your legacy.”

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    Download the PDF Workbook

    This is where you’ll write the responses to the prompts asked on the audio.

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    Download the Audio (guided program)

    You’re given time to absorb and reflect upon the question so that you tap into your inner most thoughts and desires.

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    Set Aside 10 Minutes and Dive In!

    There’s no time like the present to get started! I’ve made this easy and brief so that you no longer are held captive by your beliefs …. or the belief that you don’t have enough time!

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Susan De Robertis
Cash Flow Expert and Coach, CFO for Hire & Speaker

Susan De Robertis, CEO and owner of SDR Consulting, provides support and brings her expertise in showing you how to create the prosperous life you’re meant to live.

Maximize Your Earnings through Money Flow Mastery

Contact Susan today to see how Money Flow Mastery will improve your bottom line and your life so that you enjoy more freedom and all that life has to offer.

We’re not meant to be slaves to our work. Our work and our money are meant to be working for us!

She is an Accountant and Business Coach in Westchester, New York and has held the title of Controller and CFO in her former corporate life before creating her own company, SDR Consulting in 1999.

Susan knows how to bring it with more than 28 years of financial experience, from start up to established businesses, including exit strategy.

Make the Money! Keep the Money! Save the Money! And let it Flow!

Susan is 100% committed to your having the success you envision so that you have a clear path to your financial freedom and security.

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