Dear Susan,

Life presents many lessons and over time I have discovered that it’s in the every day choices we make that define who we are for Ourself.

Notice what you chose to give to Yourself…….

A quick shower vs a luxurious bath? (it’s 3 minutes vs 10 minutes – are you worth 7 minutes more? )

A discount cream for your beautiful skin (or heaven forbid no cream at all ! ) vs a cream that is so delicious every time you put it on you have to stop a moment, smell the fragrance and enjoy the cool sensations on your skin. Makes you smile all day too!

These may be small examples but they tell the bigger story of how You value and treasure You.

I’ll share with you something that happened with me recently………

I had a car accident and my car was totaled; I suffered no injuries and for that I am grateful but I lost my beloved Saab 9-3 convertible. This was my second Saab and I am a devotee, I confess I simply love the car.

But Saabs have been discontinued and so I was open to looking at something new…….in my search I discovered  (and reaffirmed ) that I was not a Truck Girl nor a SUV Gal;

4 door sedans did not fit my single woman lifestyle and cars in the shape of eggs or trapezoids did not appeal to my sense of aesthetics regardless of the savings in gas mileage.

I discovered my heart’s desire for a car was really to buy another Saab; that the driving experience was what I loved and on a scale of one to ten it had to be a Ten.
A tall order as Saabs are getting scarce.

And I wanted the classic black exterior with parchment interior in no less in perfect condition.

Yes I am a particular woman.
I know what gives me Joy.
I could have chosen a number of different cars that fell across my path during those weeks. I chose to wait and have patience, I knew I would find my car.
Three weeks later I found my Ten.

I knew the moment I got inside and turned on the engine, the exhilaration I felt, the joy, the YES that resounded throughout my body.

To know what you want and wait for it, not settle, is powerful.
To say Yes to it, you are saying Yes to Life.

So many times in life, we settle. And it’s afterwards that you get that feeling….. Oh I should have waited…….

Perhaps you get married to get married, or
You take the first job that comes along because you need a job, or
You accept a lesser raise and tell yourself that it’s ok.

Whatever it is, you know. Check in with Her.

When you say Yes to your desire, you are saying Yes to You.

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Much Love,

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