Dear Judy,

Will You be Your Valentine?

This is the time when you start thinking about romance and relationships and sometimes the pressure of having a Valentine for Valentine’s Day is not fun for a girl.

What’s a woman to do?

Between the December Holiday Season and Valentine’s Day, research has actually shown that this time of year has become the “National Break-up Season” when people are more than twice as likely to think about breaking up than at any other time of the year.

Maybe “You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling”  and  “Want to Know What Love Is?”
Well look no further because “The Greatest Love of All” –  is YOU!

You can spend years looking for love outside yourself, and when you are looking for others to validate you or fill you up, you truly are “looking for love in all the wrong places” !

To actually experience Self-Love is an act of courage, compassion and forgiveness.

You will have the experience of finding the blessings of your past and
the gift in every experience of your life no matter how horrible and painful that experience is.

You can start where you are.
Look at where you are not loving yourself and observe your thoughts.
Notice the actions you take.
Notice your level of self-care and self-acknowledgement.
Every thought and every choice matters.
They either lead you closer to self-love or further away from it.

Here are some basic practices to get you started –

Transformational Action Steps

1. Start observing your internal dialogue, your thoughts, and your
actions. Become aware about how self- loving they are or are not. How
are they impacting your feelings of self-love?

2. When you catch yourself doing or thinking something that is not
self-loving, close your eyes for just a moment and with a slow relaxed breath,
turn your attention back inside and ask yourself,

“What can I do in this moment to bring more self-love into my life?”

Maybe it’s going for a walk or making a list of ten reasons why you are

utterly and completely fabulous.

3. Whatever it is, Take That Action Now!

4. Celebrate yourself on Valentine’s Day! Write yourself a love letter,
cook your self a fabulous meal, buy your self some sexy lingerie, take a
bubble bath…Do something to spoil yourself and make yourself feel
totally and completely loved and lit up!

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And saving the best for last…….
Have a delicious luscious piece of the best chocolate you can get your hands on!!

With Love and Joy,


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