Dear Susan,

This winter has been extremely challenging in the northeast where I live.
So far we are up to the letter “R” in naming our winter storms, that translates to 18! And we have March yet to go. We will go through the alphabet at this rate!
Most mornings I wake to see a white sky, the ground white with snow; the trees varying shades of grey with a smattering of white pine and hemlock.
The landscape has taken on a dull patina of greys and browns.

Yet it allows us to see what’s there…….what the landscape
really looks like. The earth has revealed herself at last.

She is exposed and yet hidden.

Everything is very much alive underground.

Barren on the surface, yet there is life beneath the frozen earth.

Much like your soul, your heart.

Now is the perfect time for you to see what lies beneath the surface.
To pay attention to the stirrings of your heart.

If you don’t pay attention to her, how can the choices you make for your life be a reflection of who you truly are?

Take this time now for yourself and write in your journal or perhaps draw.
Or paint.

Your heart may reveal the missing piece to what you’ve been yearning for
And you will discover that anything and everything is possible.

Let me hear from you what is opening up for you!

I wish you LOVE above all, and the joy of being alive every waking moment.


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